Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Bells ring out for Alison
Worcester News
THE SOUND of handbells were ringing out at a Guide meeting to honour a helper who had passed away. Girls from 25th Worcester Guides were taught how to use the instruments by Hallow Handbell Ringers as they worked toward their Bluebell Challenge.
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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Historic bells to ring over Gloucester
This is Gloucestershire
Rudhall of Gloucester was a family business of bell founders which between ... Abraham I started the firm which had its foundry where the Post Office now ...

Friday, 26 October 2012

Village that was Horningsworda
Bury Free Press
So this year's Jubilee made Horringer's bell ringers realise that it was time to look at getting the bells rehung after 60 years. Tower captain Sally Crouch explained: “We've got two cracked ones that will need welding and they tend to wear where the ...
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Christmas Eve bells - a first in 30 years
Weston & Somerset Mercury
The bells will be transported to a bell foundry in London in January and Nicholas Engineering, a company of bell hangers and iron smiths, will refurbish the ...

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Cacophany at Cobweb Castle
This is Kent
She is pretty good at peeling potatoes so is perfect for her newfound hobby of bell-ringing. She tells me it was a childhood dream to yank at ropes but instead of joining the navy she has enrolled in the dark arts of campanology after spotting an ...
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Stone church bells 'going home' to heritage centre
BBC News
The two treble bells, which will no longer be needed, were cast at the Rudhall Bell Foundry in Gloucester. A church spokesman said the bells, ...

Thursday, 18 October 2012

'Surreal' to see cathedral bells being repaired
The Press
REPAIRS BEGIN: Murray and Rhonda Reynish with the bells from the Christ Church Cathedral. The bells are being repaired at the John Taylor Bell Foundry in ...

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bellringers want to bring in young blood
Oxford Mail
AN enthusiastic group of Oxford bellringers desperately wants young members to continue the tradition that dates back centuries. The bellringers in Iffley meet every Wednesday evening at St Mary the Virgin, where the tower has six bells – the oldest of ...
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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ringing endorsement for precious bell work
This is Leicestershire
Thirteen bells rescued from the cathedral have been shipped to the John Taylor Bell Foundry, in Loughborough, for damage assessment.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Having the chime of our lives at cathedral
Times & Star
Mrs Boumphrie said bell ringing was an enjoyable pastime but one that also required a good degree of dedication. She said: “If you are going to learn how to ring it is a commitment to the church and to church life.” One member of the group, Maureen ...
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Benefactor helps 'tallest church' to ring changes
Yorkshire Evening Post
Mr Pygott, 46, who started bell ringing aged just four, said: “It'll really put Ossett on the map. “We have added the two new bells to create a lightweight set of 10 bells as we are struggling to get enough people to ring the heavy four bells. But this ...
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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Ringing in the new at Wheathampstead church
Herts Advertiser
The tradition at the church is that towards the end of the service the new Rector should ringone of the bells to represent the number of years he expects to stay in the parish. Richard made a good job of chiming the lightest bell – and the slight ...
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Bells of St Helen's chime out across Sandal for 200 years
Wakefield Express
“We ring the bells during weddings and for Sunday services to remind people that the church is alive and well. “The bells are important to the life of the church and a proclamation of the gospel. “The six bells have different tones, which is unique to ...
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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Get involved in bell ringing with LUSCR
Bell ringing is the art of ringing church bells hung in the English style. A set or 'Peal' of tuned bells are rung by one ringer each, who control the timing of the strikes in mathematical patterns called methods. What sets the English style of bell ...
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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Christ Church Cathedral bells shipped to England
Newstalk ZB
Church bells rescued from the quake-crippled Christ Church Cathedral have been shipped to the Englishfoundry where they were made for specialist ...
Loughborough foundry to repair earthquake-damaged bells
BBC News
They were originally cast at Loughborough's John Taylor Bell Foundry, in 1978. Simon Adams, from the foundry, said there was no option but to send them back ...
Cathedral bells being repaired in UK
Radio New Zealand
A British foundry has begun repairs to ChristChurch Cathedral bells damaged in the February ... They were originally cast at the John Taylor Bell Foundry in ...
Maker tests quake-hit bells
This is Leicestershire
The bells, weighing a total of six tonnes, were taken back to John Taylor Bell Foundry, in Loughborough, where they were made. The bells were rescued from ...

Historic church bells silenced after 140 years when local council receives ...
Daily Mail
A noise abatement order has been issued that bans the 140-year-old Hertfordshire church from ringing the bells between 11pm and 7am - but church leaders say the automated system cannot be set to operate at specific times and will have to be deactivated.
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